EECA wants to better understand the energy use in the ‘Other Food Product Manufacturing’ sector (ANZSIC level 3 classification).

This sector covers food and beverage product manufacturing excluding dairy, meat (for human consumption), and seafood.

EECA has contracted Lumen Limited (Lumen) to conduct the data collection and analysis work.

Why we are requesting your energy data?

Your data will enable EECA to develop and identify energy savings and decarbonisation pathways for your business operations and similar businesses in the sector.

You will be able to access the published results of this exercise for your own energy analytics, where and gain a useful sector-wide view of energy usage.

What data are we seeking?

- Basic data about your site(s) and your organisation
- Annual energy consumption data for 2019 and 2020 calendar years.
- Energy balances split by fuel type, end use type and technology

How long will this take?

Around 15min, but you'll need your energy use information handy.