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Women aged 30 - 39 staying in teaching

Women between the ages of 30 - 39 are the biggest group of teachers leaving the profession each year.

To better understand the root causes and identify potential solutions, the MTPT Project and The New Britain Project, a nonpartisan think tank, have joined forces. Building on MTPT's 2018 research, we are embarking on a comprehensive study to explore why this attrition crisis persists and what policies or supportive measures could empower more women to continue their teaching careers.

If you are:
  • female
  • AND currently a teacher in a UK state school
  • AND between the ages of 30-39
We’d very much appreciate your help with collecting this data.

Confidentiality Agreement:

By completing this questionnaire, you give consent for your responses to be used as part of The MTPT Project and The Britain Project’s research into reasons why women aged 30-39 are leaving teaching.

The MTPT Project is an independent, volunteer-run organisation, led by Emma Sheppard – a former Lead Practitioner, mother and the ‘original’ MaternityTeacher.

The New Britain Project is a new nonpartisan think tank seeking to bridge the gap between policy, politics and practice and is led by former teacher Anna McShane.

Your data will be kept anonymous but statistics from the collated responses will be shared with third parties.

If you have any questions about this research or the use of this data, please contact us at

Our survey for female former teachers who left between the ages of 30 - 39 is available here -
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