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* 1. Title: Intermediate-Level WordPerfect

Instructor: Dick Belz

Estimated Course Fee: Members: $3; Non-Members: $8

Course Description: (2-day class, 2 hrs per session) If you are a beginning or confirmed WordPerfect user and would like to expand your knowledge of the program's capabilities beyond simple word processing, this is the course for you. We will cover table arithmetic, how to create and use simple macros and keyboard shortcuts to automate repetitive tasks, how to create your own personal letterhead, and how to create and organize lists and outlines. If you have a laptop with WordPerfect installed, bring it, along with any questions you may have.  The goal of the course is to help you make the program work for you, they way you want it to.

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* 2. Title: Introduction to Reiki

Instructor: Betsy Schwartz

Estimated Course Fee: Members: $11; Non-Members: $16

Course Description: (1-day class, 1.5 hrs) This is a basic introduction to Reiki. After the class Participants will be able to:
1) List the benefits of Reiki
2) Describe what Reiki is and isn't
3) Name the levels of Reiki
4) Discuss the ways Reiki is performed

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* 3. Title: Football for the Novice

Instructor: John Luiszer

Estimated Course Fee: Members: $28; Non-Members: $33

Course Description: (2-day class,  2 hrs per session) Course will cover terminology, basic fundamentals of the game, strategy, definition and description of the
purposes of player positions, explanation of the rules and a video of an actual game at the tail end of the course
outlining all that has been taught to date.

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* 4. Title: Memory Matters- Train Your Brain (Virtual Program)

Instructor: Rena Yudkowsky

Estimated Course Fee: Members: $33; Non-Members: $38

Course Description: (1-day class,  1 hr per session) In this webinar, you will learn:
1. What are the best exercises to do for different parts of the brain?
2. 3 great brain exercise for thinking out of the box
3. Experience a fun interactive brain exercise

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* 5. Title: She Swims with Alligators: Harrowing to Harmonizing - Alligator Encounters & Imaginings

Instructor: Dr. Diana Kanoy

Estimated Course Fee: Members: $3; Non-Members: $8

Course Description: (1-day class,  1 hr session) Diana Kanoy tells her tales of true adventure swimming in a rural Florida lake through prose, poetry, and photography – an unusual perspective! Learn how to be safe around Florida waters while enjoying many points of view, including the alligators’ own. Both humor and seriousness are underpinned by environmental awareness and a deep appreciation for the spirit of nature.  From whimsical, to harrowing, to meditative, they take the reader through a range of emotions and reactions, sparked by serene moments and brutal truths of an apex predator with big teeth and small brains. These pages may induce laughter, admiration, shock, disgust, and contemplation, all the while engaging the reader in a unique style. The poems are intended to evoke full appreciation of the spectrum of nature – from the savage to the sublime.