The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts® (NACVA®) fields hundreds of phone calls a month from members asking for advice on valuation and litigation matters. These calls usually range in length from 10 to 20 minutes, and the questions encompass the entire spectrum of business valuation and litigation support services.

NACVA’s Mentor Support Exchange (MSX) is comprised of credentialed designees (CVA/MAFF) of NACVA with five or more years of experience in valuation and litigation consulting services. A complete listing of these Mentors is available displaying the industry and specialty of the Mentor. Mentor services are to be free up to two hours. If Mentor and Mentee decide more time is required, they can work out a fee arrangement between them, with Mentee billed at Mentor billing rate. The billing rate of our Mentors varies widely. To facilitate this service, NACVA makes available a Mentor Engagement Contract. The form provides for all necessary billing information and a brief description of the question(s) to be asked. This process helps the Mentor prepare for the phone call and ensure minimal problems in billings and collections.

If the Mentors do not feel qualified to respond to a Mentee’s question(s), they can refer that Mentee to another Mentor or back to NACVA Headquarters.

Mentors can earn up to five (5) hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) per year, and in a three (3) year Recertification cycle Mentors may earn up to 15 hours of CPE credit to apply towards their recertification by simply reporting these hours on their Recertification Reporting Form to obtain the credit.

The Mentor’s performance will be subject to review by NACVA as provided for in the Mentor Evaluation Form. Furthermore, NACVA reserves the right to remove a Mentor, without cause, at any time. All Mentors should be thoroughly familiar with the Mentor Engagement Contract.

Note: If the Mentor fails to return more than three requests/calls for support within 24 hours, he or she will receive a written notice from NACVA, be subject to removal from the MSX, and no longer be recommended as a Mentor. When it comes to technical support, time is typically of the essence.

If you are interested in participating as a Mentor in NACVA’s elite “Mentor Support Exchange,” and you meet the criteria outlined above, please complete the information and upload a current curriculum vitae (CV).

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