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If you are viewing this survey, you are likely a genetic professional of some kind - a Geneticist (MD), Genetic Counselor (GC), a specialist (ie. neurology, cardiology, oncology, etc.) that discusses genetics in your practice, or a Primary Care Provider (PCP) that has conversations with families about genetics.

The Mountain States Regional Genetics Network (MSRGN) would like to hear your ideas for educational topics to cover in animated 'explainer' videos to be produced in the future. We hope these videos might be a resource that you can share with families after you counsel them. We hope these videos may answer some of their typical questions, and ultimately ease your clinical load.

We understand that you have more hands-on experience explaining genetic topics than we do - so is there anything you just wish everyone already know? A particular topic you find yourself explaining over and over again? One subject that families always have trouble with?

If you submit those topics we can produce videos that you can then share in the future!

We hope you'll complete this survey so that we can help you further genetic understanding throughout the United States and the globe!

The more descriptive you can be, the better! All questions are optional.

Question Title

* 1. If there was one thing I wish every family understood about genetics it would be:

Question Title

* 2. I always have to spend additional time explaining _____________ to families that come in for a visit.

Question Title

* 3. It would be really great to have a visual explanation of _____________ as it relates to genetic counseling. It's a very difficult thing to communicate in the setting of a counseling session or appointment.

Question Title

* 4. When I explain the genetic concept of ______________ I use this example for families: ________________.

I think this would make a really great video and would love to have MSRGN animate my illustration

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* 5. In a counseling session, the question or questions I get asked the most are:

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