Public Survey Purpose

Thank you for your interest in sharing your opinions about the Moores Station Quarry Park Master Plan.  Three concept plans along with a variety of possible program elements were presented at the February 23 virtual public meeting. That presentation can be found on the County website:!/about/moores-station-quarry-park-plan

Prior to taking the survey, please review this presentation.

The three alternative concept plans were prepared as a means to explore the rehabilitation of the Quarry along with a variety of possible recreational facilities and programs - and not as a proposal for any one plan. Our expectation is that based on public, stakeholder and County Park Commission comments and suggestions, ideas from each of the three concepts will be refined into one preliminary or “draft” plan for review at the next public meeting on May 18, 2021.

The May 18 draft plan and report will be available for a 60-day public review. Then, you can again provide your comments between May 18 and July 18.

The master plan is being prepared on behalf of Mercer County Park Commission by Simone Collins Landscape Architecture.