1. Introduction and Instructions

Thank you for your interest in the Economic Mobility Cohort!

The information you share through this form will enable us to assess applicants using our investment selection criteria to determine which organizations are the strongest fits at this time. Your responses will allow us to determine fit and readiness for participation in the Economic Mobility cohort.

We have designed the application to elicit concise responses from you. This will provide our team of reviewers with applications that are clear and powerfully succinct.

Please refer to the Application Guide to answer the following questions. The guide provides detailed explanations for each question in the application. 

The SurveyMonkey platform does not allow users to save partially completed work. Because of this, we recommend writing responses elsewhere. Once final drafts are completed, copy your work into the SurveyMonkey application in one sitting. This way, a loss of internet or accidentally closing the browser does not result in a loss of time and energy. Please refer to the Application Template, an editable version of the application, for an overview of all questions in the application.

For further information on applicant resources, including the informational webinar on October 8, 2021, see the Economic Mobility cohort launch announcement.

If you have questions that are not covered in the Application Guide or the informational webinar, reach out to the Economic Mobility cohort team at catalyze@newprofit.org.

Unless indicated otherwise, all questions require responses.

The deadline for application submissions is October 29, 2021 at 5 PM EST.