A British beauty industry that looks like you.

At the British Beauty Council, we exist to represent and support the beauty industry, showcase and mobilise its socio-economic power and champion the essential service the industry provides in contributing to the nation's wellbeing.

We know that there is much to celebrate in an industry that contributes £24.5 billion to the economy and employs 550,000 people. The Value of Beauty Report, produced with Oxford Economics in 2023, demonstrated that this is an industry characterised by its talented, highly skilled and diverse workforce, distinctive working patterns and high levels of business ownership.

However, some of our work has indicated that brands, retailers and services are not keeping up with the changes in the workplace and consumer demographics. Or worse, they are neglecting some workers, services and consumers altogether.

For the industry to serve those who work and shop here, we want to find out from you if you feel included, represented and have access to the kind of career opportunities, products and services you need and desire.

The survey is completely anonymous to allow you to tell us honestly how you feel and should take 10-15 minutes of your time.

Thank you for helping us build a picture of how equitable, diverse and inclusive the UK Beauty Industry is today.

The language and terminology used within this survey and by the British Beauty Council corresponds with that used or suggested by the Provenance Framework. The full list of the guidelines can be found here.

The term personal care used throughout this survey refers to the industry as a whole - this includes hair and beauty professional services, manufacturing, advertising, marketing, distribution, wholesale and retail of brands.

For the purpose of this survey characteristics is defined as special qualities or traits that make a person or group different from others such as physical or genetic determinations.

Win a beauty goody bag worth over £1000

Once the survey has been completed, you can sign up to be in with a chance of winning a beauty goody bag worth over £1000. To enter, simply share your email address in the box after the final question.

Please note: Email addresses will be held for the purposes of the prize draw only and not attributed to any personal individual. Email addresses will also not be included in the final data analysis.
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