A biotech, start-up company seeks guidance regarding development of an “on-demand, rapid-onset, short-duration, drug-induced, defecation therapy” for individuals who suffer from neurogenic bowel dysfunction (i.e. an inability to defecate as desired due to neurological conditions such as spinal injury, multiple sclerosis, spina bifida, Parkinson’s disease, etc.). 

After answering question about your condition, a theoretical product profile of a drug to induce defecation is described to you, followed by question about your preferences for the drug and routes of administration of the drug.

The goal of this ~10 minute survey is to gather opinions on possible therapies that are more convenient, predictable, and effective than laxatives, stimulant suppositories, enemas, and manual bowel programs.

Thank you for participating.  We value your feedback, and will keep your answers anonymous.  Data collected will help drive new indications for defecation therapies.