MEGA Sports Camp Survey:
If you directed a MEGA Sports Camp for your church in 2017, we would love to hear your feedback.  Please take a few moments to answer these questions to help us shape the development for next year.

* 1. How did you learn about MEGA Sports Camp resources?

* 2. Which edition of MEGA Sports Camp did you use?

* 3. What sports did you offer?

* 4. What sports would you like to see official Playbooks created for?

* 5. Which of these did you use for your music and media?

* 6. How many attend your church for Sunday morning service?

* 7. How many years has your church been active?

* 8. How many kids attended your MEGA Sports Camp outreach?

* 9. How many kids at your MEGA Sports Camp were guests? (IE: Not from your church)

* 10. How many kids at your camp responded to accept Jesus as their Savior?

* 11. Which of these additional items did you purchase for your MEGA Sports Camp outreach?

* 12. What schedule format did you use?

* 13. What did you like best about your MEGA Sports Camp Outreach experience?

* 14. How can we improve the next edition of MEGA Sports Camp?

* 15. Will you host a MEGA Sports Camp Outreach again?

* 16. Would you allow us to contact you with further questions, if needed?
(If so, please include your information below. If not, just leave blank.)