The Math and Science Bureau (MSB) at the New Mexico Public Education Department (PED) is seeking new Math and Science Advisory Council (MSAC) members. The creation of the MSAC is required by state statute at 22-15E-4 and 22-15E-5 NMSA 1978. Applicants with expertise in following areas are sought:
·       the private sector (including the national laboratories, museums, non-profit, and science- and engineering- based businesses);
·       public schools and charters (math and science teachers and administrators with math and science curricula/teaching/implementation experience);
·       public, postsecondary educational institutions with expertise in math or science education; and
·       a representative from the New Mexico Partnership for Mathematics and Science Education.
The new council members will be appointed for a four-year term beginning January 1. The MSAC’s purpose and duties are as follows:
·       Make recommendations to the MSB and the PED regarding the statewide strategic plan for improving mathematics and science education.
·       Advise the MSB, the PED, and the legislature regarding appropriations for math and science education, administration, resources and services, including programs for students and staff.
·       Work with the MSB in determining the need for improvement in math and science achievement of public school students and make recommendations to the PED on how to meet these needs; and
·       Produce an annual report on public elementary and secondary mathematics and science student achievement to be submitted to the PED, the governor, and the legislature no later than November 30 of each year.