The Midland Softball Association wants to hear from you!  We continue to make great improvements based on your suggestions. Please take a moment to participate in this short survey about the season.

* 1. Did you play softball this season?

* 3. If you didn't have a team with the MSA this year, please share with us the reason(s) why:

* 4. Coed:  Would you participate in coed league?

  Yes No
Thursday Night League
7 Male/ 3 Female League
12" Ball for all players

* 5. Redcoats Field Improvements: We are trying to constantly improve the area around the softball fields. With the improvements in 2017,  what other improvement would you like to see implemented at Redcoats Fields?

  Very Important (Now) Neither Important or Unimportant (Future) Not Important At All (Never)
Replace lighting on fields (In the works)
Digital Sign for information by the road
Asphalt Redcoats driveway approach
Fence in the fields to keep vehicle traffic out
Video/Security Cameras
Red Clay Infield Material
Metal Roofs on dugouts
Fire Pits

* 6. Emerson Field Improvements: What improvement would you like to see implemented at Emerson Park?

  Neither Important or Unimportant (Future) Very Important (Now) Not Important At All (Never)
Replace infield material
Replace lighting on fields
Repair and replace fencing where necessary

* 7. Umpire Performance: Please rate your overall satisfaction with the Umpire performances.

* 8. Field Maintenance: How was the care and upkeep of the fields this season?

  Excellent Okay Needs Improvement

* 9. What can the Parks and Recreation office do to serve you better?

* 10. Advertising: We are pursuing sponsor advertising in the future. Where would you most likely notice advertisements?

* 11. Get Involved!  In what area would you like to get involved with the MSA?

* 12. Work for a builder? Landscaper? Write up grants? etc. And are willing to help?

Thank you for participating in our survey! If you would like to provide additional feedback, do not hesitate to contact the Parks and Recreation Department via email at or by phone at 989-837-6930.