Later Start - Staff Survey

NUSD initiated a Later Start Committee this fall to investigate the impact of start times on the well-being of students and to study the feasibility of changing start times for students in middle and high school. Your feedback on the survey will inform the Committee of what staff thinks about a later start.  For more information about the Committee and process, please visit  Thank you.

* 1. At which school do you work?

* 2. When is your first class?

* 3. How do you get to school?

* 4. Do you think students are getting enough sleep?

* 5. If your students are late, what are the main reasons (if you know)?

* 6. Do you notice the difference in students' attention between your first class and your third and fourth?

* 7. Would a later start time affect your schedule?

* 8. A later start time would affect my schedule:

* 9. As a staff member, would you support a later start time for middle and high school?