The Mississippi River RPC is developing a Regional Freight Strategy and we’re asking you to take our short survey to share how you, your business, your organization, and your family rely on the freight transportation system. We want to hear about any impacts of freight movement to you and your community. The responses and results of this survey will provide the Mississippi River Regional Planning Commission (MRRPC) insights into how to draft the strategy, which we will complete in 2023.

Wisconsin’s freight system is made up of trucks, barges, pipelines, planes, trains, delivery vehicles, and warehouses that supply us with all our material needs. The freight system affects residents, businesses, and consumers everyday – from the way your packages are delivered, the availability of goods, prices in store, and jobs created. These systems also can create impacts to communities such as traffic congestion, land-use planning and green-house gas emissions.

We appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences. None of the survey questions are required, please respond to those that apply to you. 

Please share this link with others who you think might be interested in participating.