Thank you for considering nominating someone for MRO’s HERO Award!
This prestigious award is provided annually to an MRO volunteer who displays exemplary initiative and commitment to advancing the concept and principles of Highly Effective Reliability Organizations® (HEROs) throughout the MRO region and in support of our vision and mission.

The qualifications for HERO Award nominees are any of the following high reliability organization behaviors:

1.     Preoccupation with Failure and Risk.
        -  Focus on failures
        -  Look twice at repeat problems
        -  Imagine what could fail, even if it hasn’t yet
        -  Ask tough questions
        -  Seek out and encourage bad news

2.     Reluctance to Simplify Interpretation.
        -  Embrace complexity of the bulk power system
        -  Investigate the facts
        -  Reject overly simple diagnoses
        -  Be a skeptic; value other skeptics
        -  Challenge the status quo

 3.     Sensitivity to Operations.
        -  Seek to fully understand how things work, not just how they are supposed to work
        -  Identify (and share) opportunities for improvement
        -  Don’t assign blame; empower others to speak up
        -  Promote teamwork and awareness
        -  Identify silos and encourage cross communication

4.     Commitment to Resilience.
        -  Promote awareness of risks
        -  Identify and share resilient behaviors for our industry
        -  Determine and train others on appropriate mitigation efforts
        -  Assess mitigation efforts for effectiveness
        -  Promote continuous learning and training

5.     Deference to Expertise.
        -  Listen to (and leverage) the boots on the ground (experts)
        -  Make decisions informed by technical truth
        -  Develop communication tools for sharing of information

Any other contributions or significant achievements in promoting HERO concepts across the MRO region will also be considered.