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COVID19 has played havok with so many businesses over the past 12+ months and even though there is some light at the end of the tunnel many companies are still struggling to work their way back to some form of normality in a much changed environment and with challenges and restrictions which were never thought possible.

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Keeping Business Going through the Cloud of COVID19
Under normal circumstances the the need for evolution of a business may be driven by a desire to grow revenues or expand into new areas but in this climate survival is an additional concern for many businesses. Being forced by COVID19 to take a look internally at your business is not a bad thing and acting upon this can only help drive sustainability and longer term growth.  There is a lot of corporate terminology being used at times which can be quite scary for some businesses such as Digital Transformation or Business Transformation so it is important to be able to pick out the elements that are really relevant for your business as you start to emerge from this COVID19 challenge and prepare for the future.

Pathway4Business founders and ownership have assisted many companies through various forms of business evolution and business transformation from small local businesses employing < 10 people right up to large multi-nationals employing tens of thousands of people. The fundamentals are basically the same even though the specific challenge and approach may be different. The key to achieving success here is to understand where the business is at today, identify the most critical areas that might need some attention and put an action place to address these issues without negatively impacting the day to day running of the business.

This assessment is specifically aimed at Small to Medium Sized Businesses who are mainly working in a Business to Business environment ( or in new terminology B4B i.e. Business For Business environment ) and it will attempt to help you get a better understanding of where your business is at in relation to it's ability to execute and deliver to your Customer in a sustainable manner. The assessment will take approximately 20 mins to complete and it is structured in the form of a series of business statements which you are then asked to Agree or Disagree with in the context of your own business as appropriate. Once completed we can then assess the results and, in confidence provide you with some observations and feedback which might help you in planning some actions that might need to be taken to drive sustainability and growth.

Please answer as honestly and openly as possible and we are confident that browsing these business statements and assessing in the context of your own business will be a worthwhile exercise even if you don't take up the option of discussing the results with us.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this assessment. For GDPR reasons we are not collecting personal data from any individual who might complete this but if you are interested in a follow up discussion with us it woudl of course be helpful if your entered your bame and email address so we can follow up.
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