Drinking Water Source Protection Survey

 The Mattagami Region Conservation Authority and the City of Timmins would like to know what you know about Drinking Water Source Protection.

By taking a few minutes to complete this short survey, you will help us gain a better understanding of the public’s knowledge and concern on Source Protection related issues.

* 1. How concerned are you about the safety of your drinking water?

* 2. Do you know about Drinking Water Source Protection?

* 3. Do you know where our source of drinking water comes from?

* 4. Who should you contact if you witness a spill in or near your drinking water source? (choose one only)

* 5. Have you heard of the Clean Water Act?

* 6. Do you know what an Intake Protection Zone is?

* 7. Do you know what a Source Protection Plan is?

* 8. Do you know if Timmins has a Source Protection Plan in place?

* 9. Which concerns do you have with tap water? (Check all that apply)

* 10. What is the best way to provide you with information on Drinking Water Source Protection?