Introduction by the Secretary of State, Justine Greening

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Around the world, too many women are still locked out of the economy.

From the simple right to open a bank account, to securing a seat in the boardroom – too many women still face significant barriers that stop them from reaching their full potential.

I want you – and your business – to help us break down these barriers.

I'm part of a new United Nations panel that wants to give more women the chance to earn a fair living for themselves and their families – and we want to hear your experience and expertise on the best way to do it.

We know it is businesses that face the frontline practicalities of getting more women into work, whether it's here in the UK, or across your international operations. It’s essential that we work with you to help more women into the workforce.

Thank you for taking this survey to let us know both the challenges and successes your business has seen to get more women working.

Your views and ideas will feed into the action plan the UN panel is producing to economically empower women across the globe.

Justine Greening
Secretary of State for International Development