NAEYC Accreditation of programs for young children began in 1985, setting rigorous national standards of excellence in early childhood education. Today, there are over 6,500 NAEYC Accredited programs in the nation and over 120 NAEYC Accredited programs in North Carolina.

NAEYC Accreditation:
•Is voluntary and reflects a commitment to excellence in early care and education for children
•Exceeds North Carolina’s current requirements for a state-awarded 5 Star Rated Child Care License
•Gives families a way of seeking and selecting early care and education that will have long-lasting, positive impact on children’s future learning and life success
•Helps promote practices of professionalism in early childhood education that create positive outcomes for children and early educators.

Some states recognize NAEYC Accreditation in their Tiered Quality Rating Improvement Systems (TQRIS).

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* 1. What are your perspectives, concerns and/or questions about recognizing NAEYC Accreditation in NC's Rated License System?