A chance to live for all, not a privilege for few.

Are you a European Melanoma patient/ advocate with a serious interest to see the situation in Melanoma change for patients in Central and Eastern Europe? If so, please join us at the
MPNCEE conference 
Melanoma in Central and Eastern Europe.
'A chance to live for all, not a privilege for few'
23rd- 25th June 2017
Zagreb, Croatia
Participation is upon application only. Successful applications receive free registration, accommodation and a travel fellowship up to a maximum of 300 EUR when living outside Croatia, 200 EUR when living in Croatia.
Deadline for application 22nd May 2017

* 1. Your contact information

* 2. Are you working for a Melanoma advocacy group?

* 3. Your relationship to Melanoma

  Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 NED (no evidence of disease) n/a
I am a Melanoma patient
I am the carer of a Melanoma patient whose disease is in

* 4. Your Melanoma is

* 5. What is your profession?

Conference language will be EFL = English as foreign language. Most of us are non-native English speakers and we are looking for advocates who are able to follow presentations in English and who actively participate in discussions. While this requires a certain level, there is no need to be perfect, please do not be scared- you are not the only one!

* 6. How do you rate your English proficiency?

* 7. Tell us about yourself- what is your relationship with Melanoma?

* 8. What do you think are the biggest problems in Melanoma in Central and Eastern Europe?

* 9. You have attended

* 10. What do you hope to take home from this conference?

* 11. Anything else you would like to let us know?

You will hear from us by May 28th whether your application was succesful.

Please do not book any travel until you have received the confirmation that your application was successful. Reimbursement of travel will happen after full attendance of the conference and against original travel receipts.

We will continuously update the conference information on our website here

We are looking forward to meeting you in Zagreb!
The MPNE team