* 1. How important is the continued functioning of EchinoBase to the success of your research and teaching?

* 2. Please rate the following priorities for improving EchinoBase

  Not Important Very Important N/A
Improved genome assembly (S. purpuratus)
Improved genome assembly (other species)
Improved gene annotation (including through user wiki)
Gene orthology predictions (both among echinoderm species and to other organisms)
Extended quantitative expression data (e.g. other species, tissue, single-cell, etc)
Spatial expression data (e.g. ISH data)
Incorporate and extend functional genomics datasets (e.g. ATAC-seq, ChIP-seq, etc)
Information on genetic variation of the genomes (e.g. dbSNP)
Reagent resources and information (e.g. tested and validated MASO, CRISPR gRNA, reporter constructs, antibodies, etc.)
User-supplied protocols (e.g. a protocol wiki)
Community news & highlights (e.g. meeting announcements, funding opportunities, research highlights, job opportunities)
Improved user interface

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