Lottery Sign Up and Rules

***New this year:  Medium to Large Shade Trees and Conifers are $30 each.  Small Fruiting or Flowering Ornamental Trees are $40 each.***
T H E   D E T A I L S :
Only one person per address may enter the lottery.  Duplicate address entries will be deleted.  
You may only register one property per person, regardless of the number of properties you own.
Multiple entries will be disqualified.
For best chance in getting a tree, consider providing both your first and second choices.
Payment is not required at this time.  If you are selected to purchase a tree, payment instructions will be provided at that time.
Thank you for participating in greening our City and good luck!
Questions?  Contact Tree Trust's Forestry Dept. 952-767-3886

* 1. Please enter your first name

* 2. Please enter your last name

* 3. Enter the Minneapolis street address where the tree will be planted

* 4. Enter the zip code of the Minneapolis address where the tree will be planted

* 5. Please enter your email address-This is how we will communicate with you so please check it regularly!

* 6. Please enter your email address again

* 7. Please enter your phone number

* 8. Please select your 1st choice of the trees available. 

* 9. Please select your 2nd choice of the trees available.  Selecting a 2nd choice will improve your chances of being selected for a tree, especially if your first choice is a highly coveted flowering or fruiting tree.