Bicycle NSW has received a number of anecdotal stories of breaches of the Minimum Passing Distance (MPD) legislation in NSW along with many frustrated complaints from bike riders about drivers breaching these safety laws not being issued with fines for the infringement.

In an effort to demonstrate the need for greater public education on the Minimum Passing Distance (MPD) laws, and to demonstrate the variability of the application of this vital law, we are asking Bike Riders to share with us their experiences so we can begin to build a strong picture of the current environment on our roads. 

While Bicycle NSW cannot represent you or your report to the NSW Police directly, we can take the greater collection of anecdotal evidence and reports as a demonstration to the NSW Government of the dire need for more action.

As always, we encourage bike riders to report breaches directly to the NSW Police Force following our Minimum Passing Distance (MPD) reporting process. Bicycle NSW members are able to access additional assistance and support to move their reports through the process.

Please complete the following survey to the best of your abilities. If you have experienced more than one breach, please complete separate reports for each.

Thank you for helping to demonstrate how important a better environment for cycling really is. 
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