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The City of Red Deer is embarking on a review of Red Deer’s Land Use Bylaw. The primary intent of the project will be to review the fundamentals and regulations of the Land Use Bylaw, endeavouring to increase flexibility and adaptability by reducing regulations where they are not necessary. Equally important, we will be improving the document’s usability and reviewing the related processes to improve the customer experience.

Community members and businesses are invited to share input on changes you think should be incorporated.

If you don’t know the specific regulation that should be changed, but instead know what’s not working or can be improved, tell us and we’ll figure out how it fits into the Land Use Bylaw.

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* 1. What do you think needs to change in the Land Use Bylaw? Please include an explanation of what is not working and how you think it can be improved. 

If you have more than one suggestion, please separate ideas with a line break, or return and take the survey again.

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* 2. What changes should be made to the processes related to the Land Use Bylaw? For example, if you have ever applied to rezone a property or to amend the land use bylaw for any reason, do you have any suggestions on how to improve this process?

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* 3. Do you wish to receive monthly updates on this project?

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