* 1. The monthly school newsletters and calendars provide valuable information regarding school activities and educational programs.

* 2. My family enjoyed the Cuddle Up with a Good Book and the Spring Dr. Seuss-Themed events at Spring Cove Elementary and would like to see this (or something similar) repeated in the future.

* 3. My family enjoyed the Family Game Night and Title I Library Scavenger Hunt events held at Martinsburg Elementary and the Memorial Park Library and would like to see this (or something similar) repeated in the future.

* 4. In what areas would you like to see teachers improve their knowledge/skills on?

* 5. The PAPirc parent resource materials provided helpful parent education information. (Note: A flyer was sent home at the beginning of the school year listing PAPirc parent resource materials that you could send for by mail on your own or through the school office.)

* 6. Parent –Teacher Conferences are beneficial to me in supporting my child’s education.

* 7. The Meet-the-Teacher and/or K4 and K5 Orientation event(s) helped my child feel comfortable starting a new school year.

* 8. The Meet-the-Teacher and/or K4 and K5 Orientation events provided me with a better understanding of school and classroom expectations so I could effectively support my child’s learning.

* 9. Volunteers have been utilized in various areas throughout the year in both elementary buildings.  These include classrooms, MAP time, field trips, and special events.  Please rate your experience as a volunteer.  If you did not volunteer this year, please mark this question with N/A.

* 10. The standards-based report cards (all elementary grades) give me a solid understanding of my child's academic progress.

* 11. Do you have parent workshop topics which you would like to suggest?  (Reading, Math, Social Skills, Behavioral Parenting Tips, etc.)

* 12. Please share feedback and suggestions reflecting on the Scholastic Book Fair (held at either/both elementary buildings) and/or the Barnes and Noble Book Fair (held through Spring Cove Elementary).

* 13. A Title I parent advisory committee meets once a year to review the Title I program and to provide input into future programming. Would you like to participate in the annual Advisory Committee meeting in 2017-18?

* 14. If you wish to participate in the Advisory Committee, please enter your contact information below.

* 15. Additional feedback?

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