Thank you for visiting 11 Million Reasons exhibition of Taipa Village DREAM WITH LOVE Campaign in Macau. The British Council would like to invite you to share your thoughts with us by completing the form below. 10 selected audiences who have submitted answers including the questions marked with an asterisk (*) will be rewarded with a set of limited edition of 11 Million Reasons postcard set. The result will be notified by email before 8 September 2017.

感謝你參觀在澳門舉辦的氹仔舊城區「愛‧共融」夢想計劃之《11 Million Reasons》攝影展。英國文化協會誠意邀請你填寫以下問卷與我們分享你對展覽的感受和看法。我們將選出10位完整填寫包括標註星號(*)問題的觀衆,送出《11 Million Reasons》限量版明信片(一套5款)。甄選結果將於2017年9月8日前以電郵方式通知。

* This is the compulsory question. 此問題必需回答。

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* 2. How did you feel after visiting the exhibition?

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* 3. What do you think about disability art?

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* 4. Please choose one box to indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with each of the following statements:

  Strongly Agree
Neither agree nor disagree
Strongly disagree
11 Million Reasons exhibition met my expectations.
《11 Million Reasons》攝影展合符我的期望。
Overall, this was a high quality exhibition.
I have acquired new knowledge and/ or skills from taking part in this exhibition.
I found this exhibition inspiring and meaningful.
I would like to understand more about art and inclusion in the UK after visiting the exhibition.

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* 5. How likely would you recommend 11 Million Reasons exhibition to a friend or colleague?
你會否向朋友或同事推介《11 Million Reasons》攝影展?

Choose one number on a scale between 0 and 10
where: 0-6 = Very unlikely / unlikely to recommend; 7-8 = Neutral; 9-10 = Likely/Very likely to recommend
請從0 至10之中選擇一個數值。
0-6代表會推介的可能性非常小/較小; 7-8代表中立; 9-10代表會推介的可能性較大/非常大。

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* 6. Please comment on the following items:

  Excellent 非常好 Good 好 Average 一般 Poor 差 Not applicable 不適用
20 images of 11 Million Reasons exhibition
20幅《11 Million Reasons》攝影展作品
Six short films featured the exhibition
6 段展覽短片
Presentation and facilities

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* 7. We may share your comment with your name and the company you work for disclosed on the British Council Facebook Page or related channels for promotion and archive purposes. Please tick the following box if you wish to remain anonymous.

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* 8. We would like to stay in touch and keep you informed of our future events. Please tick the following box if you DO NOT want to receive information of our future events. 

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* 9. Please complete your details below.

We appreciate your participation. 感謝您的參與。

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