1. BIC Supply Chain Excellence Awards

This survey enables independent booksellers to apply for BIC's Supply Chain Excellence Award.

Please note that this application form will be reviewed by the BIC Supply Chain Excellence Accreditation Panel, which is group comprised of representation from various types of organisations throughout the UK’s book industry supply chain, including publishers, retailers, distributors, wholesalers, data aggregators and service providers. Each application is treated in confidence, and BIC always aims to ensure that potential competitors are not permitted to review applications. For example, Retailer A sitting on the accreditation panel, would not be permitted access to Retailer B’s application form or allowed to offer any opinion on the proposed results for Retailer B. However, in the interests of confidentiality, BIC reminds all applying organisations to not disclose any information that should not be shared with the accreditation panel members and/or isn’t already in the public domain.

Please answer all the questions. If you need any help in answering the questions email simon.edwards@dial.pipex.com.

* 1. Applicant details

How to apply

Please answer all questions and give all relevant details which will show the systems and technologies deployed in your business and how you use these to derive business benefit.

* 2. Bibliographic information

Bibliographic information is crucial to an efficient book supply chain and to the delivery of excellent customer service.

* 3. Electronic trading is crucial in delivering up to date information and rapid order turnaround. Please give as much detail as you can.

* 4. Please indicate which of the following systems you use:

* 5. Accounts and integration

* 6. ebooks

If you sell ebooks or other digital products please describe how you deliver these products and how significant this business is to you.

* 7. Technology Marketing

Please tick to show which of the following promotional methods are deployed by your business:

* 8. Do you use technology for any of the following:

* 9. Please state approximately the percentage of business you do with the following: