Members Making a Difference 2016-2017

District 42 wants to recognize individuals in every club who work hard during the Toastmaster year to “Make a Difference” in their club. To qualify for this award, the Club Officer Executive must nominate this individual.

A Member who makes a difference in their club will be the person who:
  • Promotes the club – everywhere they go
  • Invites Guests to meetings
  • Sponsors and mentors new members
  • Befriends guests who attend the meeting and encourages them to join
  • Develops Membership Building Contests and initiatives to attract new members such as the Open House Showcase
  • Is friendly and supportive to all members of the club

Each club can nominate one individual that has made a difference in their club. We want to showcase our Outstanding Members on the District 42 website so that as a Toastmaster family, we get to know each other better.

* 1. Member who made the difference

* 3. Contact Information of the Member who made the difference

* 4. Contact Information of the Club Officer nominating the member

* 5. Enter in 300 words or less why this member deserves this award.

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