A Landscape Architecture Student's Guide to Environmental Justice is a collaboration between student representatives from the ASLA Environmental Justice Professional Practice Network (PPN). The authors are seeking feedback on the content and its effectiveness in introducing environmental justice and clarifying its meaning and worth to landscape architecture students across the country.

Thank you very much for your time and feedback!

* 1. How might you change the formatting of the guide to be more intuitive and clear?

* 2. Are there components of environmental justice and equitable design that you would suggest adding to the "Principles of Equitable Design" section?

* 3. We cover the basics of environmental justice through the design process (research, outreach, design, build, and stewardship) with case studies, tools, activities, interviews, and resources. 

Are there any missing components/sections that you think would be helpful to include?

* 4. What additional case studies would you include in this guide? 

* 5. Are there case studies that should be excluded from the guide?

* 6. How might you change the activities to be more useful and appropriate for students?

* 7. We are currently collecting resources (websites, books, articles, guides, online tools) right now that could help students understand and apply principles of environmental justice. Please comment with resources that would be useful for students.

* 8. Do you have any suggestions on how/where to share the guide (platforms, organizations, institutions, contacts, etc.)?

* 9. Please comment with any additional feedback.