If you have never attended the annual MLA conference, now's your chance!

Apply to attend the Massachusetts Library Association Virtual Conference:
Let's Get Digital, May 17-19, 2021!

Four (4) Kay Bader Scholarships are available to help first time attendees defray the costs of attending the annual MLA Conference. The scholarships are available to current and future library staff who wish to attend the Conference.

Who is eligible?
• All applicants must be first time MLA Annual Conference attendees
• Massachusetts librarians and paralibrarians from all library types. All staff levels are encouraged to apply!
• Massachusetts librarians or paralibrians who are between jobs
• Massachusetts residents who are currently enrolled in an accredited M.L.S. program
• Massachusetts residents who are new graduates of an accredited M.L.S. program
   *Degree must have been conferred no earlier than 12/31/2020
• Currently serving trustees of a Massachusetts library
• Current members of a Massachusetts Library Friends group

When is the deadline and when are winners announced?
Completed applications must be received by April 30
Winners will be notified by email by May 7

What does the scholarship cover?
The scholarships cover the cost of registration for the entire virtual conference. Scholarship winners will also receive a complimentary membership to the Massachusetts Library Association for May 2020-April 2021 and are encouraged to become active MLA members by joining a committee.

If I win a scholarship, what are my obligations?
Scholarship winners need only to attend one day of the conference and are free to choose whatever sessions most interest them. Scholarship winners will be asked to write a brief account of their MLA conference experience for the MLA newsletter and website.

If you have questions about the scholarships, please contact Ellen MJ Keane at: Ellen_Keane@uml.edu

How do I apply?
Applicants must submit their contact information and a 300-500 word statement answering one of the following questions and the information questions below:

Question Title

* 1. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, innovative libraries continued to serve patrons by increasing digital offerings. In what ways have these efforts been successful or not successful?

Question Title

* 2. "Let’s Get Digital" can be interpreted in many different ways. What is your interpretation? Has your interpretation changed over time?

Question Title

* 3. Why do you want to attend MLA 2021: Let's Get Digital? What do you hope to gain from this experience?

Question Title

* 4. In what type of library to you work or volunteer?

Question Title

* 5. Are you currently enrolled as a student?

Question Title

* 6. Please enter your contact information: