Welcome to the Merrimack River Study

The Alliance of Climate and Environmental Stewards (ACES) is currently conducting a study on the experiences of recreational and commercial users of the Merrimack River.


The topic of water quality in the Merrimack River has been highlighted recently in numerous stories in regional newspapers, TV reports, and radio interviews. Attention has been drawn to the 117-mile long Merrimack River and its 2.1 million acre watershed as critical to our ecology and economy. The EPA acknowledged that they need support in defining the level of any water quality problem. But where do we start? How do we prioritize? And how will we monitor the long-term beneficial impacts of any corrective actions?

This is where the survey responds to that request by obtaining “on the ground” observations with those who have intimate familiarity with the river and its physical traits and aesthetic properties. This is where YOUR experiences can help us understand the REAL quality of the Merrimack River. Your response to this survey can be of great benefit.
Purpose of Study 
Through your responses to our survey, we will learn about the unique experiences of individual recreational and commercial users of the Merrimack River watershed who regularly use and depend on the Merrimack River for recreation, fishing or commerce. So, not only what is important to individual recreational and commercial users of the Merrimack River watershed, but also identify concerns of other Merrimack River stakeholders, organizations, and user communities.

The information you provide will be combined with responses to similar surveys of other stakeholder groups who also use or rely on the river and its resources. Integrating this information will help to establish the true value and current status of water quality conditions in Merrimack River. This valuable information can then be reported to the potential political sponsors and agencies that can justify and initiate actions to correct identified problems.

Conservation of Data
All survey responses will be confidential.

The survey should take about 10-15 minutes. Thank you for your participation.