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Here's a description of the show:

Are you a curious, motivated, ADHD entrepreneur? Are you the type of person who is constantly reinventing yourself - looking for ways to amplify your productivity, body, health, investing, business and marketing skills then this is the show for you.

In every episode, you’ll meet disruptive, innovative entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, investors, authors and celebrities who share how they’ve reinvented themselves, their business, health, relationships and authority status.

The host of the show, Mike Koenigs, serial entrepreneur, angel investor, philanthropist, cancer survivor, 10-time #1 bestselling author interviews interesting guests, tests out the latest gadgets, software and tools that you can use to get more done, make more money and Amplify Your Life!

Guests include NYT Bestselling authors, Celebrity Nutrition Expert JJ Virgin, Dave Asprey of Bulletproof Coffee, John Assaraf from the movie The Secret, Host of EOFire/Entrepreneur On Fire John Lee Dumas, Success Magazine publisher Darren Hardy, Tim Ferriss and more!

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* 1. Which of these segment ideas most appeals to you?

  No Interest Some Interested Very Extremely Interested
PEOPLE: Guests share how “Success Leaves Clues” - interviews will deconstruct how they did it / made it / tools, resources, lifestyle, health hacks that you can model
OPINION: Mike raves about “what’s happening next”, predicts the future and is his full-on disruptive self
PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: gaining personal insight, learning more about yourself, brain, assessments, strengths so you can do more, better and faster
HEALTH: Health hacks, tips, longevity, weight loss, food, fitness
MONEY: Investment / tax / money advice
INVESTING: Angel investing, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding ideas and advice
FAME: growing your audience, platform, gaining fame, getting traffic, attention, persuasion, influence, building a tribe
TECH REVIEWS: Mike reviews gadgets, gizmos, toys and products that are fun, exciting, useful and can be used to be creative, productive and make money!
PRODUCTIVITY: apps, web sites, resources to get more done faster, easier and affordably
TEAM: finding, hiring, managing people, growing teams, increasing competence
BUSINESS: starting, building, growing a business, being more efficient
BOOKS: book reviews, interviews with authors
ENTERTAINMENT: people, comedy, music, movies, web sites, travel, events that are super interesting, weird, fun or funny
PHILANTHROPY: world-changing people and things that brings about positive change, saves or change lives
SUCCESS STORIES: interviews with viewers who have implemented and share what they did and how they did it
INTERACTIVE: hot seats with entrepreneurs and business owners who get their questions answered in 5 minutes or less
PITCH YOUR BUSINESS: a chance for viewers to pitch their business and get an angel investor or the audience to invest in their business
WACK-A-DIDDLE-DOO! Strange, funny, fun weird stuff that Mike and his team makes up that makes you laugh and learn
Any other ideas, suggestions that you’d like to learn from or with me, have me find and source?

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* 2. Who would you like to see me interview on the show? List people who you'd like to meet, learn more, get mentored by, have dinner or drinks with or have a deeper connection to.

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* 4. What are your favorite shows, programs or podcasts you watch or listen to?

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* 6. Any other comments, questions or suggestions for the show?

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* 7. Every week, Mike and Ed Rush will do "hotseats" - and answer your questions LIVE on the show. Do you have a burning business, marketing, productivity, gadget, strategy or tactical question you'd like them to answer? Anything goes!

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* 9. Please share your contact information and details so I can contact you directly if you win the studio tour and recording of a live program!

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