The National Trust for Canada and its partner organizations across the country are seeking solutions to the insurance problems being faced by many owners of heritage buildings. 

Please fill in this 5-minute survey if you own a building or property, regardless of its age, type, use or heritage designation status. If you own more than one property, please fill in the survey for each one individually.

All results are completely anonymous.

Your response to this survey will contribute to a better understanding of the issues, allow us to assemble quantitative data on the scope of the problem, and will allow us to attract the attention of the insurance industry and governmental regulatory bodies.

Our goal is to work with all stakeholders (the insurance industry, property owners, governments at all levels, the heritage sector) to develop the information and training resources required to address misconceptions and prejudices against historic buildings, and advocate for their fair and transparent treatment.

Please pass this survey along to friends, family and neighbours! 

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* 4. What is the heritage designation status of your building? (Check all that apply)

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* 5. What is the approximate market value of the building?

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* 6. How many years have you been the owner of this building?

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* 7. Is your property currently insured?