Dear member or friend of First Christian Church,

Thank you for your time and discernment in providing input to the Future 2.0 committee. You will likely need at least 20-25 minutes to respond to the six open-ended questions in this survey. 

Our church family is beginning a journey to make critical decisions about our future, and the church we desire to be. Before you begin this survey, please take some space and quiet to think about your ideas of the vision and mission of First Christian Church. 

Discernment involves deep listening, to one another and to the spirit of God. Discerning that spirit is not about listening to the preacher, or the person with the loudest voice, or even necessarily following the will of the majority. It is about listening to that "still, small voice" within you. To that end, it might be useful to take a minute or two to relax or to pray before you begin to write here. You might think about the words "Our vision is to practice Christianity, not just praise it."

The information you and others provide here and in the group meetings will be included in the work of the Future Story 2.0 committee, and will help the congregation make critical decisions about our future. We are so grateful for your time.

In the love of Christ,
Future 2.0 Committee:
Dick Busic
Glen Campbell
Anna Duncan
Glen Gibbons
Karen Hertel
Rick Johnson
Jamie McCornack
Eliza Schmidkunz
John Thompson
Dan Bryant
April Oristano

For some background, here is our vision statement that came from our original Future Story process in 2008:

Transforming Lives, Christianity, and Our World

At First Christian Church, we’re striving to transform:


We aspire to transform ourselves in this life through a relationship with God and the model of Jesus’ life, rather than focusing on afterlife;

We apply the great Christian traditions of Peace, Justice, and Compassion;

We transform the lives of others through mission service, education, and social justice.


We offer an inclusive form of Christianity, emphasizing acceptance rather than doctrinal purity, diversity rather than uniformity, We welcome those holding different views of social, theological, and political issues. We rest comfortably with ambiguity and are non-judgmental and intellectually generous.

We believe in historically accurate biblical interpretation, which leads us to take the Bible seriously, but not literally, viewing the Bible as a human witness to God;

We believe that actions of love are more important than expressions of belief.

Our World:

We believe the passion of God and Jesus is for a transformed world, here on earth. We seek to do this through numerous outreach programs locally and beyond. Through these, we provide food, clothing, transportation, housing and other resources where it will make a difference.

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* 1. Please enter your name and your contact information (optional).

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* 2. This question asks for your reflection on the statement you just read, as well as the 2008 video that we created to present our then-newly discerned vision to the congregation. If you have time and interest, you may watch the 11-minute video at 

How does the vision articulated in the Transforming Lives, Christianity, and Our World statement and/or the video speak to you in 2019? Do you hear the voice of God in them? What do you relate to?

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* 3. Does our vision as presented in the video and/or the vision statement need updating in any way to be relevant to our current time and situation?

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* 4. Please describe, in as many or as few words as you like, what you see as the vision of First Christian Church today. 

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* 5. What are we not doing that is crucial to this vision? What issues and opportunites must we address immediately?

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* 6. This question asks you to let us know any questions that you have about the upcoming discernment processes.

In our upcoming meeting and surveys, we will address critical issues such as:
Improving or leaving the church building
Congregational vitality and growth
Discerning a sustainable and invigorating worship schedule
Community ministries and global mission
Marketing and cultural engagement
Faith formation and being Disciples
Alternative ways of being church
Ministerial staffing and transitions 

We desire to get as much input from the congregation as possible to guide us, trusting that we will be open to the voice and leading of God as we go.

With this background in mind, do you have any questions about the Future 2.0 process so far, or any questions/suggestions about the process going forward?

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* 7. If you would like to mirror the process we have followed in our in-person group meetings on this topic, please share one or more things about our church that you are grateful for.

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