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The Office of Graduate Education (OGE) is pleased to offer fee waivers for US citizens and US permanent residents who demonstrate financial hardship, are current or former members of the US Armed Forces, or who have participated in special fellowship programs, including MIT-sponsored diversity programs (e.g. MIT Summer Research Program, CONVERGE). The OGE Diversity Initiatives is also pleased to offer fee waivers to prospective students they have met during diversity recruitment events. International students attending US colleges and universities, who have participated in MIT sponsored programs, such as CONVERGE or the MSRP, are also eligible to apply for a fee waiver.

US citizens and US permanent residents* may request a graduate application fee waiver if they meet one of the criteria below:
     - Demonstrated financial hardship in the past year.
     - Participated in an MIT sponsored diversity program in the past five years**.
     - Participated in a special fellowship program in the past three years.
     - Attended a diversity recruiting event in the past three years.
     - Served as a current or former member of the US Armed Forces.

*US permanent residents must provide proof of this status, such as a copy of a green card.
**International applicants attending US colleges and universities, are also eligible to apply.

Your name listed below must match with the name you list on the graduate application.  You may select up to three programs, but only request a fee waiver to programs for which you are eligible and to which you fully intend on applying.  This form may only be submitted during the graduate application period September 15th to January 15th. Graduate program application deadlines vary; you must follow the department deadline and instructions.

Applicants to the MIT Sloan School of Management should request a fee waiver by contacting the respective program directly.

Allow 3 business days to receive a response. Upon review and approval from the OGE, you will be issued a fee waiver code via email.  Incomplete waiver requests will not be reviewed.  If the application deadline arrives before you receive a fee waiver code, you will be responsible for paying the application fee and you will not be issued a refund.  A fee waiver will not be retroactively applied to an application that has been paid for and submitted.

For questions about fee waivers only please email  All other questions pertaining to graduate admissions should be directed to the department to which you are applying.

Extended Review Time
Upcoming holidays may result in delayed response time.  During key application deadlines we will be unable to process fee waiver requests.
  - December 15: Fee waiver requests will not be accepted on this date due to multiple application deadlines.
  - December 23 – 27: Response time delayed due to Christmas holiday closing.
  - December 30 – January 2: Response time delayed due to New Year’s holiday closing.

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