* 2. This survey is designed to gather input from the MHS community regarding the qualities we are looking for in our new high school Principal. Based on the list provided, please rank each of the desired traits for our new Principal.

  Most Important/Critical Important Somewhat Important Least Important
a. Student focused – willing to stand and advocate for all students.
b. Demonstrates effective communication with student, parents and staff.
c. Easily approachable and has strong rapport with students.
d. Creates innovative solutions to school and community challenges.
e. Demonstrates ability to articulate and implement innovation for the school community.
f. Demonstrates ability to effectively initiate and manage change as needed.
g. Values and encourages diversity of thought and approaches to teaching.
h. Demonstrates knowledge of best practices and ability to identify and incorporate future trends in education.
i. Maintains high visibility for students, staff and parents – attends student events.
j. Possesses strong managerial skills, such as the ability to consistently hire, develop and retain well-qualified people.
k. Demonstrates ability to make and effectively communicate difficult decisions.
l. Demonstrates technological knowledge and innovations in 21st century learning.
m. Receptive to working with other groups e.g. police, fire, etc.
n. Calm in crisis, resilient, models personal integrity and courage.
o. Excellent academic skills.
p. Understands and is excited to be part of the Piedmont Community.
q. Has a background in and supports Special Education.
r. Has a background in and supports Athletics.
s. Has a background in and supports the Arts.
t. Has a background in and supports Science and Technology.

* 3. If there is a quality you would like to see in the new MHS Principal not mentioned previously, please use this space to share with the interview panel.

* 4. What question would you like the MHS Principal candidate to answer?

* 5. What response would you like to hear to this question?

* 6. Thank you for taking time to complete this survey. We appreciate your feedback. If you have anything else to add, please use the space below.

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