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MHPOD Content - Existing Users Survey

The MHPOD Program is seeking feedback from existing MHPOD users to inform the development of new content based on MHPOD Areas of Learning.
MHPOD Areas of Learning are based on the National Practice Standards for the Mental Health Workforce (the Standards) and provide the MHPOD Program (the Program) with a broad overarching framework to use in engaging with stakeholders and identifying content for development. The latest version of the Standards can be found here

We are asking for your feedback to ensure that users are supported to build their knowledge and skills in areas most relevant and beneficial to their professional practice, study or personal interest.

Your time is precious but even more precious is your insight to ensure we don’t go down the wrong path. The survey is only 6 questions long and takes a maximum of 5 mins to complete. The survey is being conducted through Survey Monkey which allows you to save your answers and complete later.

Every perspective matters – MHPOD, as you know, is a free platform accessible to anyone in Australia and that isn’t by accident. Clinician or not, your opinion matters. 

The MHPOD Program thanks you for taking the time to read this far and hopes you can give a little more of your time so that you can get the most from the MHPOD Portal.
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