The NCCHC Scholarship program was launched in 2020 with funds raised by the NCCHC Foundation through donations from individuals and organizations. The number of scholarships awarded each year varies based on available funds. We are thrilled that you are considering applying for this year's NCCHC Mental Health Conference taking place in Washington D.C. from July 15-16, 2023. We will be offering five scholarships - each scholarship includes full conference registration, lodging, and air travel expenses. 


1. Students in the fields of medicine, nursing, pharmacology (with a demonstrated interest in behavioral health), psychology, psychiatry, public health, social work, substance use disorders, and criminal justice/corrections

- OR - 

2. Individuals working in correctional health care for three years or less 

- AND - 

3. Have never attended an in-person NCCHC conference

Scholarship award recipients will be selected by the Foundation Board of Trustees and Foundation executive director.
Questions with an asterisk (*) are required.

Question Title

* 1. Have you attended an in-person NCCHC conference in the past?