Have a "best practice" that has improved business operations? Want to share it with your peers?

If you have taken steps that have improved different aspects of your practice, HCMS would like to offer an opportunity to share this information with your peers.

Examples include:
- Software and/or hardware improvements
- New or modified processes
- Additional educational and information tools
- Staffing tips
- Negotiating Tips
- Compliance efficiencies

Here are some samples to get you started

Best Practice #1

What was the problem?
Difficulty keeping up with inaccurate contract payments from payers

What was the solution?
Hired a FTE that checks collections from all payers against negotiated contract rates

What was the outcome?
Have found hundreds of thousands of dollars in payment errors

Best Practice #2
What was the problem?
Confusion and questions about NDC numbers

What was the solution?
Created NDC FAQ - Shared with HCMS and added to web page at https://www.hcms.org/Practice-Resources/Grids/

What was the outcome?
NDC issues resolved

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HCMS will share the “best practices” results in the HCMS newsletter and on the HCMS website at www.hcms.org.