Nomination due by November 1, 2023

Summary:  Individuals shall act in an advisory role, making recommendations regarding Collegiate Archery Program and event administration to USA Archery Staff. The North, South, East and West Region representatives will also serve as one of four Regional Representatives for the program, while the Athlete Representatives will represent the Collegiate Archery Program student-athlete population in their respective regions.

Regional Representative Position:
  • Candidate must be affiliated with a current Collegiate Archery Program Club (Club Director, Club Coach or Club Member) Note: Club Coaches are not required to be Club Head Coach, but must be listed as an official coach with the club
  • Candidate must have, and maintain, at minimum a current Range Pass (Membership, SafeSport, Background Screening) on file with USA Archery. Note: It is recommended the candidate have, and maintain, at minimum a current Level 2 Instructor Certification
Athlete Representative:
  • Candidate is a member of a current Collegiate Archery Program Club 
  • Candidate has a current USA Archery Membership, Collegiate Eligibility, Background Screening and U.S. Center for SafeSport training on file with USA Archery
  • Candidate must be able to serve on the council for a minimum of two years (meaning they have at least two full school years prior to graduation

As a Collegiate Archery Program Advisory Council Representative, you will be asked to:
  • Focus on Collegiate Archery Program Development
  • Advise USA Archery staff on Collegiate Archery Program related issues Act as a resource to, and communicate with colleges and universities as well as USA Archery State Associations within your Region
  • Help to promote Collegiate Archery Program activities and events within your own region
  • Assist in the coordination of Collegiate Archery Program Regional Outdoor Tournaments
  • Attend in-person Collegiate Archery Program planning meetings with USA Archery staff, if applicable

Representative terms are two years* and are staggered to provide for program continuity. Representatives agree to and comply with USA Archery Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics (Please see link here). Service is an unpaid volunteer position. In addition to meetings, council service is anticipated to average 5-10 hours per year.

The Council is advisory by nature and reports to USA Archery staff. All official actions require USA Archery CEO or BOD approval.

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* 3. In 300 words or less, please include a candidate statement that details your experience that qualifies you for this position and why you would be a good representative. (Include your experience that qualifies you for this position and why you would be a good representative)