The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is committed to the delivery of a transit system that makes Toronto proud.

The TTC is responsible for managing the risks associated with constant exposure to the public and road activities such as collisions, critical injuries, fatalities and assaults. In a continuing effort to improve safety and address security risks across the network, the TTC is proposing the expansion of the use of its video camera system currently on-board buses, streetcars and Wheel-Trans vehicles by adding additional cameras that are forward facing (i.e. dashcam) as well as exterior mounted cameras which may be located on the sides of the vehicle and/or rear of the vehicle. 

The TTC's existing vehicle camera system was implemented in 2007 with the primary goal of assisting with investigations into and deterring criminal acts against workers and passengers. The TTC currently only uses internal-facing cameras. The current internal cameras are positioned along the ceilings of buses and streetcars to view the interior of vehicles as well as passengers entering and exiting the vehicles.

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Generic view of potential additional cameras

<em>Generic view of potential additional cameras</em>