29th June 2020

To: All Tesco members

From: The Tesco National Committee
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We hope you and your families are well.  

Union Pay & Benefits Claim
As you may know, last year our union put forward a major pay and benefits claim in Tesco for fair changes to pay, benefits and conditions (full details below). The claim which outlined one equal pay scale, fairer scheduling and a voice at work was supported by the overwhelming majority of Tesco members. Despite this Tesco management fail to acknowledge or engage with us on the claim.

Removal of 10% Covid-19 risk payment
Tesco made the decision as did many other major grocery retailers to pay a risk premium for working through the Covid-19 pandemic. Although the risks are not over, Tesco have removed the 10% risk premium and instead have offered the usual 2% annual pay rise, again ignoring our pay and benefits claim and the thousands of members who endorsed it. This is despite the record boom in sales and the sacrifices made to keep the company and country going. 
2019 Claim in Tesco Ireland (updated)

1) PAY: Create one equal pay scale for store based staff starting at the living wage.

   Current pay Scales      Union Claim 
 €10.99 (starting)  €12.30 (1st yr)
 €11.42 (after 18 months)  €13.30 (2nd yr)  
 €13.47 (after 3 yrs) -TOP   €14.30 (3rd yr)
  Pre '96: €14.89
  Post ’96–pre ’06: €16.12
 €15.30 (4th yr)
 €16.30 (6th yr)
(Note: The hourly rates do not include additional premiums e.g. Sunday, night)

2) SCHEDULING: Fairer scheduling for a better work/life balance including greater certainty over working patterns, 4-week advance notice of rosters.

More security of weekly working hours with the creation of at least 1,000 full-time contracts.

That Tesco Ireland fully respect and comply with all existing collective agreements and engages on both individual and collective issues with your Union. 
What is your view?
The Tesco National Committee is seeking your feedback.  Please complete below.  All information is private and for union purposes only. 

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* 1. Given the developments outlined above are you prepared to support a campaign to achieve the Pay and Benefits claim in Tesco as outlined above?

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* 4. Would you be willing to become more active in the union to help the campaign such as speaking with non-members in store or joining a store organising committee?

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* 6. Any other comments you'd like to share.