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Thank you for your interest in writing an article for publication in Michigan Family Physician, Michigan Academy of Family Physicians' quarterly magazine. MFP is published in the spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Magazine readership is nearly 5,000. Subscribers include MAFP members, state legislators, American Academy of Family Physicians state chapter executives and board presidents, and leadership at partnering organizations.
For past issues, visit
Questions? Contact MAFP Director of Communications & Member Services, Dana Lawrence, at

  • Spring magazine: Proposal due Dec. 1 | Article due Feb. 1 | Published Mar. 21
  • Summer magazine: Proposal due Mar. 1 | Article due May 1 | Published Jun. 21
  • Fall magazine: Proposal due Jun. 1 | Article due Aug. 1 | Published Sept. 21
  • Winter magazine: Proposal due Sept. 1 | Article due Nov. 1 | Published Dec. 21
  • Active or Life members of Michigan Academy of Family Physicians are invited to submit articles on topics of interest to family medicine physicians (e.g., patient care, patient delivery, practice management, business of medicine, Academy membership engagement/recruitment/retention, education/professional development, policy/advocacy, letter to the editor/opinion).
  • Student and family medicine resident members of MAFP may serve as primary authors but should have either an Active or Life member of MAFP serve as a co-author or sign a statement that they have reviewed the article and feel it is well written, evidence-based, unbiased, and pertinent to family physicians in Michigan.
  • Generally, medical students should not serve as primary authors of clinical articles.

FOR READERS: If the article is being submitted for review by AAFP for the approval of continuing medical education credits for readers, the article submission must identify a professional gap, needs assessment, learner objectives, cited resources, and complete author information. For CME approval, the article must directly impact patients' well-being and healthcare. MAFP will submit a CME credit request to AAFP and notify the author of the determination. If approved for CME credit, readers must complete a post-quiz.

Publication of an article/paper can be reported to AAFP as scholarly activity. Scholarly activity is limited to 100 AAFP Prescribed credits. To learn more about CME credit requirements for AAFP membership, visit


It is the responsibility of the primary author to submit an article proposal in its entirety. Consideration will only be given to complete submissions.
  • Provide the full name, professional title, designation/degree, brief bio (2 sentences maximum), address, email, and phone number for each author involved in the article content.
  • Email a professional head shot photo of all article authors (resolution of at least 300 dpi, full-color, .EPS., .JPG., .PNG, or .AI) to
  • Content should relate to the interests of family physicians, family medicine residents, and medical students as they are exploring the specialty of family medicine.
  • Article may be between 600 and 1,200 words.
  • If you are uncertain about the suitability of your article, please review past issues of MFP at
  • Identify the professional gap, needs assessment, learner objectives, and resources.
  • Ensure the absence of commercial bias by submitting a Conflict of Interest Form for each author.
  • You may submit high-resolution (resolution of at least 300 dpi, full-color, .EPS., .JPG., .PNG, or .AI)) photographic images/artwork to be considered for inclusion in your article; email to may range in length from 600 words to 1,200 words.
  • MAFP reserves the right to accept or reject article submissions based on the interest of the readership, space availability, timeliness, and good taste. The editor also may revise copy with these considerations in mind.
  • Please avoid jargon, complexity, and passive sentences as much as possible. All abbreviations should be written out at first use.
  • To ensure content validity, all articles that contain factual statements should cite supporting references.
  • Review and proofread your article to perfect both the content, word choice, and flow. Prior to submitting the article, it is helpful to have someone else review your copy for readability and accuracy.

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