NAACP Maternal Experiences Survey

Thank you for participating in the NAACP Maternal Experiences Survey, sponsored by the Prematurity Prevention Initiative (PPI).
This survey is for people who recently gave birth and would like to discuss their labor and delivery experiences.

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Your voice matters. 

Your experience matters.  

This survey is designed to allow you, and many women like you, to honestly share your maternal journey. We want your feedback so we can all work together to reduce disparities, improve care and promote positive outcomes for women in our community.

We respect your privacy so you don’t have to share your name, and your responses will remain confidential. If you choose to identify any information such as where you gave birth, your responses will not be associated with your personal information.

For your convenience, you can exit your survey at any time and come back to complete it later, as long as it’s on the same device. It won’t be final until you click "Submit" at the end of the survey. 

If you have questions about your involvement in this survey, please contact Christine Ivery, PPI Health Educator, at or 609-206-8206.

Please click this link to access other surveys on the PPI Website if you would like to discuss your prenatal experiences.
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