Consent Form

Dear Patient,
Alianza Latina is a project conducted by ABRALE (Brazilian Lymphoma and Leukemia Association) and comprises its pillars called “Education and Information”. Formed by more than 120 member groups operating in 21 countries (18 of them in Latin America), the United States, Portugal and Portugal, it has the ability to bring together patient support leaders and promote the best social partners and practices among healthcare entrepreneurs. The initiative provides its members a space for debate and learning, with similar missions, so that they can dialogue and together change the health scenario in the continent.
This survey aims to understand the main needs and difficulties faced by patients with MDS during the course of their disease.
Your participation consists of answering a questionnaire in an online form, with questions about the most important points of your diagnosis, your treatment and your daily life.
We respect the right to confidentiality and privacy. Everything reported here will be treated as confidential and no personal data will be presented or provided to anyone. All disclosure of the results, in any vehicle, will be made in a way to ensure anonymity, without any possibility of identifying the individuals participating.
You will not have any cost and either will you receive any direct benefit, but your participation will contribute to the improvement of the assistance provided by ABRALE to patients with MDS, as well as organizations in the Alianza Latina Network. The survey will also serve as a support for the political actions of the organizations to fight for the improvement in the care of patients with MDS by their national health systems, and the results can be published and used by Alianza Latina to improve its projects.