Proposal Instructions

2021 MDRT Meetings
As 2021 approaches, MDRT is developing plans to continue delivering value for our members around the world. MDRT currently intends to conduct in-person, live events throughout 2021. If any in-person events are considered unsafe or restricted by governmental or other authorities, MDRT would modify the format of that meeting to an alternative format, including virtual. The health and safety of MDRT members has and always will be our top priority. MDRT will continue to communicate with members and keep all informed of the situation as the year progresses.

How to Submit an MDRT Speaks Proposal

Step 1: Read the MDRT Speaks Video Submission Instructions below
Step 2: Record your proposal video and upload to the cloud platform of your choice
Step 3: Complete this proposal form

You must complete the entire form in order for your proposal to be submitted. You may want to print the questionnaire to draft your responses, and return later to enter your responses using the online form as incomplete forms cannot be saved. Questions marked (*) are required.

If you have any questions or problems while submitting your proposal, contact Norah Webster:

About MDRT Speaks

MDRT Speaks is a series of innovative and creative business concepts delivered in a variety of presentation formats as part of the Main Platform program. MDRT Speaks segments presented by MDRT members typically run an average of 3-6 minutes.

MDRT Speaks presenters must join MDRT for 2021 and register for the 2021 meeting for which they would be speaking. MDRT does not pay an honorarium or cover the registration fee, housing or travel expenses for member speakers.

Please note: MDRT Speaks is highly selective, and completing this proposal form does not guarantee selection. You will be notified by February whether or not your proposal  has been selected.

Video Submission Instructions
In order to be considered for MDRT Speaks, you need to record a brief proposal video and upload it to the cloud platform of your choice (Google, Dropbox, OneDrive, YouTube, etc.)

MDRT Speaks proposal videos do not have to be professional quality. A video recording using a home camera or smartphone will be sufficient.

The video should be in English, no more than five minutes long and should include:

1. Introduction – The introduction should be no longer than one minute and include:
  • Your name
  • Where you live
  • Title of the proposed presentation
  • The Content Track you’ve selected
2. Main takeaway benefits the attendees will receive 

3. Summary of Proposed Presentation – Keeping in mind these presentations are very short, give a short presentation summary as you would if speaking to the MDRT audience.

This sample video includes an example of an introduction, title, takeaway benefits and partial presentation: