**Due to COVID-19, bookmarks are not being shipped until further notice. Orders are still being accepted and will be filled once State Library Services staff can safely return to the office.

The Minnesota Department of Education, through a partnership between State Library Services and the Office of Early Learning, has created bookmarks and posters you can use to help promote family engagement practices that support early literacy, early STEM learning, and reading well by third grade. Minnesota public libraries, school libraries and early learning organizations may request bookmarks and/or posters at no cost.

The following bookmarks are out of stock:
  • Early Literacy -- Hmong (posters still available)
  • Early Literacy -- Spanish (posters still available)
  • Keep Reading Fun
  • Early STEM Learning

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Early Literacy and Keep Reading Fun Bookmarks

Early Literacy and Keep Reading Fun Bookmarks
Requests can take 2-3 weeks to process. Quantities may be limited. For bookmark quantities exceeding 1,000, please contact Jennifer Nelson at jennifer.r.nelson@state.mn.us instead of using this form.