Thank you for participating in the survey. Your input is important and will help shape the policies in this plan!

The Municipal District of Fairview No. 136 and the Town of Fairview are working with the Mackenzie Municipal Services Agency to develop an Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP), and you are invited to participate in the process.

What is an IDP?

An IDP is a plan developed jointly by 2 or more neighbouring municipalities to manage land use and development decision-making for an area of land in close proximity to their shared boundary. The IDP is a mandatory statutory plan, required under the Municipal Government Act (MGA). It is meant to enhance regional cooperation and collaboration by helping to facilitate efficient and compatible land development by addressing:  
  • future land use and the process for future development proposals in the area,
  • environmental matters as well as social, physical or economic development matters,
  • co-ordination and financing of intermunicipal programs, services, facilities, and infrastructure,
  • procedures for conflict resolution and amending the plan, and
  • administrative matters related to the plan.

Who Does it Affect?

An IDP affects stakeholders, including landowners whose lands are located within the IDP joint planning area boundary, and anyone interested in developing within the joint area. The IDP document will provide landowners and other interested parties with the appropriate land uses and development options for their land, based on the policies adopted within the plan. It is important that future development is compatible with existing residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural uses; major transportation routes; and significant environmental features and landscapes.