To: Management at Mid-Columbia Medical Center

We support our care management department nurses joining the Oregon Nurses Association and ask that management not only come to a fair agreement with discharge planners, but also include our CDIS in the ONA. Leaving nurses behind in pay, protections, and benefits is unfair and does not prioritize recruiting and retaining highly skilled nurses. Our larger community deserves the best patient care we can provide but leaving the CDIS nurse out of our union does not support that.

The CDIS RN serves as an essential resource to the clinical team ensuring that all relevant conditions requiring healthcare resources throughout the patient hospitalization are accurately captured in complete and specific documentation. Complete and specific documentation also promotes better patient care and disease management, while appropriately reflecting the acuity, severity and overall outcome of the patient. CDIS work to optimize documentation integrity, better patient outcome, and higher revenue/reimbursement.
As a highly skilled nurse who is both supporting better patient care and helping bring in better revenue for our hospital, it’s time the CDIS is properly compensated and respected in the ONA contract for the value they bring our community.

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