Hello Physical Activity Leader!

Thank you for applying for the Community Better Challenge microgrant program.  As you are creating your application there are a few important things to note:

Submitting your application

The application cannot be saved part way through and cannot be edited after your press submit.  A template of the application that includes all grant questions is available for download on our Community Better Challenge webpage.    We encourage you to use this template to answer questions in advance to ensure that your work is not lost. 

Grant Criteria

Your event or program must take place between June 1 – 30. If your program starts before June 1 or ends after June 30, it is still eligible as long as activities take place in June.

Efforts should be made to create barrier free and inclusive programming.

For more details, please review the grant guidelines on the Community Better Challenge webpage.

On planning for COVID-19

We know it is difficult to plan an event or program months in advance, especially with the uncertainty of the pandemic.  We want to assure you that as a funder for these projects going on across the country that we will be flexible. Do your best to plan for what is possible and think about effective and creative alternatives. Keep in mind that we know that what you put in your application may not be the exact thing you end up doing and that is ok. The goal is to get your community active in a safe and inclusive manner.

We know that larger events may not be able to occur and encourage you to apply to host multiple smaller events, virtual events, outdoor events or to add value to existing programs.  Remember to always follow local public health guidelines, even if that means canceling the event entirely.

Grant Recipient Expectations

All grant recipients are expected to track the physical activity of their program participants on the ParticipACTION website.

All grant recipients are expected to complete a survey that will be emailed to you shortly after the challenge ends.

Thank you for your time and consideration.  The grant review committee will provide a response to all applicants by early April 2021.